A Unique Collaborative & Learning Event

DREAM is a unique collaborative and learning event that brings together a thriving group of community college practitioners from more than 250 community colleges.

Achieving the Dream’s annual convening, DREAM, enables and supports team learning among groups of faculty, staff, and administrators from institutions throughout the Achieving the Dream national Network.

During the four-day event, participants connect with colleagues from other colleges to share stories of success and to candidly share lessons learned from failure that are helping them align and scale the student success work on their campuses.

Attendees hear how the nation’s top leaders are tackling the challenges of equity, increasing student success, increasing capacity for data analysis, program evaluation, and student-centered, data-informed decision- making. Participants take advantage of opportunities to share their own work and experience in hundreds of concurrent sessions and workshops and to meet informally with colleagues and speakers in receptions and other special events. The event is designed to provide many opportunities for individuals and teams to be active participants and to bring new learning, fresh ideas, and renewed energy back to their campuses.

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