Brother to Brother (B2B) Program

Brother to Brother (B2B) is a student success program designed to improve the educational experience and graduation rates of African-American and Latino male students. Part of the Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB), a national and umbrella organization, Century established a B2B chapter spring of 2012 in response to data highlighting academic disparities with this population.

Program activities include: weekly academic support, college success workshops, career exploration, leadership development, connection with peers, community building, and cultural connections. To meet the community building requirement, Brother2Brother students serve as mentors to African-American and Latino male high school students meeting with them throughout the academic year to support their academic experience. B2B students offer a positive depiction of males of color committed to their education and successfully completing college.
Recently, Student Life awarded the Brother2Brother program with the Outstanding Program Award for a panel discussion hosted fall 2013 on the controversial Trayvon Martin case. This program attracted a diverse student body as well as staff and faculty from the Century community for meaningful dialogue on issues involving race/ethnicity and justice.

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