Express English

2015 Update:

In five semesters, we have offered 28 sections of Express English, we offered our first summer and night sections this year.  The college has committed to this model of instruction based on our data. So far, developmental students are passing the college-level classes at a significantly higher rate than students who take 0090 and 1021 sequentially. Teachers and students both report a high level of satisfaction with the course design.


Express English, based on the ALP model from Community College of Baltimore County, allows students to take their developmental English 0090 concurrently with their college composition class. This saves the student time and has also proven to greatly increase the success rate in Composition I and even in Composition II. In three semesters, 14 sections of Express have been offered and all have filled.

In Express English, the English 1021 class works like any of the instructor’s other English 1021 classes. The difference is who is in the class: 16 of the students are “normal" 1021 students. The other 12 are Express English students who are also enrolled in English 0090. Immediately after the ENGL 1021 class meets, the instructor and those 12 Express students have ENGL 0090 class. This model has several advantages: smaller class sizes in the developmental class, more individualized instruction, a developmental class designed around the materials used in the college-level class, and a strong sense of community in the developmental class.


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