Reading Apprenticeship

The faculty-led Reading Apprenticeship (RA) professional development program helps participating faculty develop new ways to engage and support students as they read and interact with academic or technical, industry-specific materials.  This intervention began in the Fall of 2012, with intervention leaders providing professional development and peer support opportunities for the first faculty cohort. Faculty in professional technical certificate and degree programs have also participated in RA training and redesigned classroom practices and materials around reading, writing, critical thinking, and communicating in the trades. Over the past four years, BTC’s RA champions have become state leaders and are involved in RA work on a national level as a result of their high-quality, innovative efforts in this area.To date, 55 BTC employees (including 47 faculty and 8 staff) have completed RA training and 3,901 BTC students have taking RA classes since it was established in 2012. RA students and employees report experiencing a shift in the classroom, whereby employees are more authentic and reflective in the classroom, and spend more time guiding students to answers instead of giving answers, and students learn strategies to more deeply comprehend text and gain a better understanding of their own reading styles.

Participants in the intervention have included BTC tutors, completion coaches, library and eLearning support staff, and Whatcom Literacy Council staff members, who are co-located on the BTC campus. College leaders in RA are participating in the Reading Apprenticeship Washington Project, which has a state website ( highlighting BTC RA leaders and BTC as a state institutional leader in this area. BTC RA intervention leaders and participants hosted a regional RA conference in 2014 that included BTC’s nursing faculty, and several of BTC’s RA faculty helped coordinate and/or presented at two consecutive regional RA conference hosted at Renton Technical College in 2015 and 2016.

This intervention has received excellent reviews from faculty and students, and BTC is continuing to solidify its reputation as a statewide RA leader. Moving forward, BTC’s RA intervention leads plan to continue state leadership work, including creating an instructional website focusing on ‘grab & go’ resources for RA instructors and developing common Washington State learning objectives for RA. RA intervention leads are planning to develop training cohorts on the BTC campus that focus on how RA methodology can be used in online or hybrid instructional environments and target faculty teaching in pre-college and academic coursework. Leaders will continue to enhance communication and marketing efforts for this intervention, highlighting RA successes and developments at campus staff and faculty events and meetings.

Well over half of all remedial and developmental students now enroll in courses using RA. BTC data results show a 16% increase in student transition rates from developmental English courses to college-level English since implementing RA, and student transition rates from remedial to development coursework continue to show strong and increasing gains.

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