Tutors-linked-to-Courses (TLC)

2017 Update:

As enrollement has declined for various reasons, our number of courses with a TLC tutor is lower, however we are still touching a comparable number of students.  Our data demonstrates that we did experience a 1% increase in the number of students recieving direct tutoring assistance from a TLC leader.


2015 Update:

Century College’s Tutors Linked to Classes (TLC) Program is an innovative Supplemental Instruction (SI) model in which peer tutors provide flexible tutoring to busy community college students. The TLC program provides tutoring to students where and when they need it; before, during and after class, as well as, during study sessions.

This intervention is aimed at increasing student completion, retention, and engagement in gateway courses. Results indicate that tutored students are more likely to receive grades of C or higher, less likely to withdraw, have a higher GPA, complete more credits and have higher retention rates. The TLC program was first piloted in the summer of 2007 with five (5) course sections and has grown to support 236 sections of classes in the 2013-2014 academic year with 5990 registered students, 3,640 of those students (61%) received direct tutoring assistance from a TLC leader. (TLC) is a type of supplemental instruction that involves placement of a student tutor in the classroom, working in conjunction with the faculty member. TLC provides students enrolled in those classes immediate access to a peer tutor and group study sessions.



ID 16866

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