College Success Strategies Course

2016 Update:

The redesign of the old New Student Seminar occurred, we now have a two credit STSC 1021 College Success Strategies which is required for all new entering students earning an Associates of Arts degree with fewer than 15 completed college level credits.  Data will be collected and monitored for the next three years to measure the effectiveness and enhance the curriculum as needed.  The college continues to provide training on experiential learning through On Course Workshops.


2015 Update:

Currently all developmental reading students are required to take a three credit student success course, STSC 1000: New Student Seminar.  Over nine-hundred students take this course each academic year.  The New Student Seminar Advancement team, based on best practices and CCSSE results, have submitted a proposal (decision to be made in June 2015) to make this course mandatory for all incoming AA students with 15 or fewer college credits by fall 2016.  Working with stakeholders across campus, we will revisit course curriculum and credit load in summer 2015, presenting changes to Century’s Academic Affairs and Standards Council in fall 2015.

Century’s New Student Seminar uses a common text by Skip Downing entitled On Course.  This spring, Century hosted its fourth On Course I (3-day) workshop and its third On Course II (4-day) workshop.   On Course I provides educators with learner-centered structures and strategies to develop empowered learners. On Course II provides educators with a learner-centered design format as well as more student centered structures and strategies.  OCI and II not only "provides", but models and allows participants to personally experience a learner-centered approach to instruction.  At Century, over one hundred and fifty faculty/staff/administrators have completed On Course I and over fifty have completed On Course II.

As Century goes to a pathway model, New Student Seminar is poised to be a pivotal point to help ensure all students are exposed to principles of success, study strategies, career exploration, financial literacy, and academic planning.


2013 Update:

Major accomplishments this academic year:

  1. Created a new end of semester course evaluation to include additional CCSEE questions to further assess the efficacy of STSC 1000.
  2. Reviewed STSC 1000 faculty evaluations from Fall 2012 and implemented changes to the course designed based on themes identified.
  3. Pending results from the LASSI pilot with six STSC 1000 courses in spring 2013 recommendations will be made to use the LASSI instrument as an ongoing nationally normed assessment tool.

Multiple meetings with NSS advancement team and the data team to create the parameters for evaluation of STSC 1000 by Century’s IR department


The New Student Seminar (NSS) is designed to provide new entering students a common learning experience and acclimation to Century College. In this seminar, students explore the relationship between themselves and college, and examine strategies that will assist them in becoming successful college students. Students reflect on their academic goals, skills, interests, values, personality, and preferred learning styles, and learn about Century’s educational philosophy and practices in the context of the College’s unique and evolving community. This seminar aims to develop students into reflective, empowered individuals who understand and embrace their role and responsibility for making their college experience a success.

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