Innovative and/or Accelerated Developmental Education

2016 Update:

Continued work on decreasing credits and accelerating progress through developmental education is now in the data collection phase. More progress on implementing a multiple measure approach was made this academic year to include other measures beyond a high stakes placement test. An Assessment Advising Course Placement sheet was developed that includes high school cumulative GPA, ACT and Accuplacer scores to be used for more accurate placement beginning July 2016.


 2015 Update:

English has increased their offerings of “Express English” ALP-style program each semester, now offering night and summer sections. English also redesigned their curriculum; decreasing credits and semesters for its developmental students.

Math created an accelerated pathway for non-STEM students, shortening their math pathway by one semester, as well as a multiple measures placement for students after taking the math assessment.

Reading has redesigned their curriculum to offer an expedient pathway to English Composition 1021; in the past students entering at the lowest level had to successfully complete two sequential, four credit courses over the course of two semesters.  Our new curriculum shortens this sequence to one semester with fewer credits.

The Innovation and Accelerated Developmental Education Advancement team has recommended that the college establish a multiple measures assessment for new entering students that includes, but is not limited to high school GPA, background inventory and writing sample.


2013 Update:

Major accomplishments this academic year:

The first step for our newly formed Advancement Team was to determine our purpose and establish criteria for innovation.  We agreed on the following:  Idea generation - researching national and local promising practices.  Which of these are having the most positive impact on student success?  Coordination of efforts - key to this group is coordination of efforts, to work together to support each other and ensure that our efforts build one another, and if possible, to forma common initiative. Functions of implementation of innovation - how can we assist one another as bring these ideas to reality? There are three main areas of collaboration: program design, marketing, and evaluation. We will work together to streamline the processes for institutionalization of our innovations. Criteria for Innovation include--Integration, Sustainability, Scalability, Effectiveness

For the academic year of 2012-2013 major accomplishments in discrete disciplines are:

English---Express English lets students take English 90 and English 1021 at the same time with the same instructor, completing developmental and college level writing classes in one semester. We are piloting two sections in Spring 2013.

Reading and Student Success—Read Right and New Student Seminar are scaling up. In 2012-2013 17 sections of Read Right were offered with RDNG 80 and 4 sections of RDNG 90 used Read Right.  New Student Seminar was offered in a Learning Community for all new entering students in RDNG 90.

Mathematics—MATH 15-piloted.  It is 2 credits and runs for 5 weeks.  Followed by MATH 30 in the same semester.  This saves the student a credit and one semester. MATH 30/70 compressed, FastTrack format was marginally successful.

ESOL--The newly created Academic English Proficiency Certificate has 16 students graduating in May.  ESOL51 (Grammar and Writing V) is a new permanent course after running two semesters as experimental.  We are tracking data for students who use this “bridge” to ENGL1021 from the ESOL Dept.


This intervention involves the piloting of accelerated developmental courses in reading, English, and Mathematics. Pilots in reading and English will include the offering of 2 developmental courses in one semester (offered in an accelerated format, back to back), and the offering of concurrent enrollment in both a developmental and a college-level course within the same discipline during a single semester. Reading will also explore the expansion of the ReadRight program to include all sections of READ 0080. In mathematics, we will pilot the offering of 2 developmental courses in one semester (offered in an accelerated format, back to back), as well as a reduced credit, accelerated developmental course offered in conjunction with the next level developmental course.

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