Academic Alert

2016 Update:

Century continues to utilize and grow the use of Hobsons technology to support students and increase communication between students, faculty and their academic advisors/counselors. We are using this tool to gather data and move the work of student success forward through the assignments of advisors/counselors to students by pathway area, individualized communications including academic alerts. We have increased faculty participation.



The idea of an improved Academic Alert process has been worked on by AtD/Student Success Advancement Teams for the past two years.  The first year, the team focused on recommending a comprehensive software tool (Hobsons) and the second year, the team reviewed and recommended a rollout process and timeline.  After two pilots, Summer 2014 and Fall 2014, the Academic Alert became available to all faculty beginning Spring 2015.

The goal is to provide students with a variety of interventions-faculty member, advisor, counselor and support services that will help get the student on track within each individual course and overall.   With earlier and earlier interventions and communication it is possible to positively impact retention.

ID 16883

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