Cindy A. Lenhart

Cindy Lenhart is a Senior Fellow with Achieving the Dream. In this role, Cindy is responsible for supporting community colleges in the Working Students Success Network to fundamentally redesign their integrated services for the express purpose of helping low-income students to persist and graduate—and to attain a family-sustaining job.

Cindy previously served as the Vice President for Community College Relations for Achieving the Dream, managing the Working Students Success Network, Engaging Adjunct Faculty, and other funded initiatives as well as leading ATD’s teaching and learning programs and network-engagement activities.

Prior to joining Achieving the Dream, Cindy served for more than 20 years in community colleges as an associate vice president for instruction, a department chair, and a faculty member. Cindy began her career as a middle school and high school teacher.

Cindy has a Master of Science in instructional effectiveness and a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, and she was recently selected as a Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellow for Ph.D. Studies in the Graduate School of Education at Oregon State University.

Cindy can be reached at


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