Rafe Edward Trickey, Jr., Ed.D.

Founder and Member of the Board of Directors, Foundation for College Access Services; Principal with the Greater Pacific Planning and Effectiveness Group; City Treasurer in Oceanside, California

Dr. Rafe Edward Trickey is the founder and a current member of the Board of Directors with the Foundation for College Access Services, a Principal with the Greater Pacific Planning and Effectiveness Group, and holds the elected office of City Treasurer in Oceanside, California. In addition to his many professional roles, Rafe also serves as an Achieving the Dream Leadership Coach.

Rafe has enjoyed a 30-year leadership career in higher education, public-benefit corporations, and public office. He has served as President of Comanche Nation College in Oklahoma, President of Sisseton Wahpeton College in South Dakota, Vice President of Planning and Institutional Development and Vice President of Student Services at the College of the Marshall Islands, Executive Director of Development and External Relations at Citrus College in California, and President and CEO of the California-wide 11-99 Foundation.

Over the course of his career, Rafe has cultivated a robust record specializing in assessment, innovation, institutional development, student success support services, and improving student learning outcomes. During his leadership tenures, the institutions he has served secured new resources and realized measurable improvements in institutional efficiency, effectiveness and student success. Rafe maintains particular research and service focuses on promoting and mentoring more women into two-year college top leadership positions (presidencies, superintendencies and chancellorships), and the impacts evaluator attitudes, the role congruity biases many people consciously and unconsciously maintain, and evaluation practices have on perceptions of leader efficacy and success and leader persistence in two-year college settings. He is also committed to creating and delivering success-support pathways to individuals experiencing homelessness and indigenous and other underrepresented students.

Rafe, the first in his family to attend and graduate college, holds a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of California, San Diego, an M.A. in international affairs from Columbia University, an M.S. in education from the University of Southern California, a B.A. in history and a B.A. in political science from the University of California, an A.A. in social sciences from Modesto Junior College, and a Certificate in fundraising with a specialization in the institutional development process from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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