Bernadine Fong, Ph.D.

Director of Leadership Initiatives and Special Projects, Stanford University

Bernadine Chuck Fong is Director of Leadership Initiatives and Special Projects, in Stanford University’s Office of the Vice-Provost for Graduate Education.  She works with graduate students in leadership programs across the seven schools of the university. Previous to this appointment, she served for five years as Senior Managing Partner for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching where she established a major national initiative designed to increase the success rates of community college developmental math students reaching and completing college level mathematics.  This program has tripled the national success rates of this target group in half the time and has reached over 9,000 students in over 50 campuses.

Dr. Fong is also president emerita of Foothill College, serving 18,000 students in the Silicon Valley where she began her career as a faculty member and ultimately served as president for 12 years. Her presidency was distinguished by her emphasis on innovation and distinctiveness. Under her leadership and in 1995, Foothill was one of the first community colleges to offer online credit courses.  Using a Foothill-developed course management system, Foothill online offerings included 11 associate degrees and over 200 courses and Foothill operated a consortium of over 50 community colleges and universities for 90,000 students. Dr. Fong also initiated Foothill's highly successful Campus Abroad Program in nine countries and created multiple partnerships with Silicon Valley companies and the NASA/Ames Research Center.

During Dr. Fong’s tenure, Foothill was consistently ranked number one among California's then 110 community colleges in the percentage of students who successfully complete either their transfer or their basic skills programs.

Dr. Fong served on the Board of Trustees of Stanford University where she has also been visiting professor and scholar at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.  She chaired the Board of Directors of the American Association for Higher Education, and also served on the boards and executive committees for the American Association of Community Colleges, and Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  She has also served on multiple other educational and philanthropic boards.  She is a fellow of the American Council on Education and the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley and was named “Phenomenal Woman” by Chicago’s Harold Washington College Chapter of the American Association of Women in Community Colleges.  She is also the recipient of the Stanford Medal for distinguished service to Stanford. 

Dr. Fong received her B.A. in psychology, M.A. in child development, and Ph.D. in higher education administration and policy analysis, all from Stanford University.

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