Achieving the Dream is committed to creating, developing, and sharing resources for the student success movement. Access to effective and timely research, examples, and advice is a vital component of reform work. These tools are valuable for anyone interested in improving the success rates of community college students, with a particular focus on low-income students and students of color.
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As we strive to increase success for more community college students, we are continuously compiling a wealth of resources to assist various players in the community college reform arena including college leaders, faculty, and staff. Our Knowledge Center, Initiatives, and Interventions Showcase provide support on a variety of topics through expert research, promising practices, case studies, and college connections.

  • Knowledge Center

    The Knowledge Center is a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream, Inc., Achieving the Dream’s Founding Partners, Partner Organizations, and other experts engaged in the work of community colleges and student success. These resources serve to support Achieving the Dream Institutions throughout the process of institutional reform and assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Initiatives

    Achieving the Dream is bringing the full weight of its National Reform Network - the nation's most comprehensive non-governmental reform network for student success in higher education history - to address critical challenges within the college completion movement. These formal initiatives are bold and are poised to deliver tangible results.

  • Achieving the Dream Interventions Showcase

    Want to know what other colleges are doing to improve student outcomes? Achieving the Dream’s Interventions Showcase is an information dashboard presenting different views of the data that Achieving the Dream Institutions have provided on interventions they use to increase student success and improve student outcomes across the nation.

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  • Right from the Start

    Explore a framework for successfully adopting and adapting effective interventions from other colleges. This series of practitioner-focused, evidence-based briefs highlight strategies that support students who arrive on campus underprepared.

  • System-Level Strategy

    Discover how Arkansas’s community colleges improved their six-year graduation and transfer rates by five percentage points between 2006 and 2012.

  • 2014 Leah Meyer Austin Award Winners

    Learn how Bunker Hill Community College and Montgomery County Community College won the 2014 Leah Meyer Austin award.

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