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Explore Achieving the Dream’s Knowledge Center, a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream, Inc., its partner organizations, researchers, and other experts engaged in the work of community colleges and student success. Some resources are produced by ATD investors and are noted with an asterisk (*). These investor-produced materials are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address. As a body of information, these resources are intended to support Achieving the Dream Institutions throughout the process of institutional reform and assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Focus Areas
Title Author Date
Redesigning the Pell Grant Program for the Twenty-First Century 10/1/2013
Moving Forward: Early Findings from the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in Arizona 10/1/2013
Separate and Unequal Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce 7/31/2013
Unpacking Teachers' Invisible Knapsacks: Social Identity and Privilege in Higher Education 7/1/2013
Supporting Latino Community College Students: An Investment in Our Economic Future 6/1/2013
Ten Lessons for Taking Leadership on Racial Equity The Aspen Institute 5/13/2013
Building the Foundation for Success: Case Studies of Breaking Through Tribal Colleges and Universities Jobs for the Future 4/15/2013
Working Families Success Strategy: College Implementation Guide MDC 1/1/2013
Increasing Latina/o College Completion: Mistakes and Opportunities 8/20/2012
Center for Working Families at Community Colleges: Clearing the Financial Barriers to Student Success MDC 7/11/2012
Why Equity is Critical to Student Success: David Dodson of MDC presentation Achieving the Dream, MDC 3/6/2012
Promising Practices for Community College Student Success 2/9/2012
2011 Promising Practices: Developmental Education Achieving the Dream 9/26/2011
2011 Promising Practices: Curriculum and Instruction Achieving the Dream 9/26/2011
2011 Promising Practices: Equity Achieving the Dream 9/26/2011
The Undereducated American 6/22/2011
Cutting Edge Series #2: Scaling Community College Interventions Achieving the Dream, Public Agenda 5/26/2011
Leaving No Worker Behind: Community College Retrain the Michigan Workforce--and Themselves Achieving the Dream, Breaking Through, Jobs for the Future 4/14/2011
Inventory on Equity and Diversity Achieving the Dream 3/4/2011
2010 Promising Practices: Broad Engagement Achieving the Dream 1/4/2011
2010 Promising Practices: Developmental Education Achieving the Dream 1/4/2011
2010 Promising Practices: Equity 1/4/2011
2010 Promising Practices Achieving the Dream 1/3/2011
How I-BEST Works: Findings from a Field Study of Washington State’s Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program 9/25/2010
Addressing Equity from a Student's Perspective Achieving the Dream, Public Agenda 9/2/2010

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