• Understand equity

    Equity and assessment expert Dr. Marissa Vasquez
    opens the ATD Equity Institute Feb. 18.

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    of what equity means, what it looks like in practice,
    and how it is manifested or stifled on campuses

    second annual ATD Equity Institute

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  • Be Part of the Conversation - DREAM 2020

    With a laser focus on equitable outcomes, join us February 18-21 in the national conversation to identify and address critical issues to improving success for all students.

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  • Leverage knowledge through collective learning

    We lead America’s largest network of community
    colleges working to become strong engines of
    student and community growth. We engage our
    network in a coaching process that is constantly
    informed and improved by our longstanding
    partnerships and practice in the field.

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Our Approach

Most efforts to improve community college student outcomes involve relatively small innovations or changes at the margins. After more than a decade of experience, Achieving the Dream has learned that improving student success on a substantial scale requires colleges to engage in bold, holistic, sustainable institutional change. Achieving the Dream's Institutional Capacity Framework is a comprehensive approach to addressing the emerging needs of the field to improve success results for all students, especially low-income students and students of color.

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With your support, Achieving the Dream will work to ensure more students are able to succeed in community college and secure their financial future.

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