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    Join us for DREAM 2022 to learn about opportunities to effect meaningful change on our campuses and in our communities:
    1: Building stronger pipelines to and through postsecondary education
    2: Adopting a holistic, equity-focused approach to community vitality
    3: Eliminating systemic barriers to student success
    4: Fostering a sense of belonging through teaching and learning excellence
    5: Leveraging data and analytics for institutional and community well-being

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  • Presidential Nominee for Member of the National Council for the Humanities

    Dr. Karen A. Stout
    President and CEO, Achieving the Dream
    President Emerita, Montgomery County Community College


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    More than 300 colleges across the nation achieve and sustain transformational change at multiple levels as part of the ATD Network. See how you can participate in this powerful work.

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    We’re leading America’s largest network of community colleges working to become strong engines of student and community growth.

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A Bolder Vision for Student Success

One that makes completion a progression metric rather than the end goal.

One that embodies a new access agenda that reaches deeper into our communities to open new pathways into and through our colleges for our most vulnerable learners.

One that moves from a focus on whole college transformation to one of whole community transformation.

One that moves teaching and learning and faculty leadership, engagement and respect into the center from the margins to the center of our redesign efforts.

One that authentically centers equity—especially racial equity—in your institutional redesign work.

Achieving the Dream works with hundreds of community colleges to help develop a bolder vision for student success...for all students.

Being a Network College Has Its Advantages

Colleges in the ATD Network achieve and sustain transformational change at multiple levels, based on where they are in their student success work. They benefit from the collective learning of the national ATD Network of institutions and partners as well as from ATD’s 15-plus years of experience innovating and anticipating future needs and issues in the face of continual change. Leaders of ATD Network institutions have unique opportunities to learn from—and with—their peers through exclusive access to network events, summits, and convenings. You benefit from strategic, customized, sustained support during their participation in the network and have options to deepen your work through targeted coaching services.  

Contact us today to talk about how you can leverage the power of the ATD Network.

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