• Dismantling Barriers and Biases

    Use data to explore equity with us. We'll take deep dives into breaking down barriers and addressing patent and latent biases.

    ATD Data & Analytics Summit
    October 19-22, 2020

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  • Toolkit for Actionable Decision Making in Times of Disruption

    New toolkit for college leaders to build stronger adaptive and resilient organizations in areas most impacted by COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19: Connecting & Supporting the ATD Network

    Updates and resources from ATD to help our Network colleges and others in the field manage this unprecedented situation

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  • Leverage the Power of the Network

    We’re leading America’s largest network of community colleges working to become strong engines of student and community growth.

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Why Achieving the Dream

One that makes completion a progression metric rather than the end goal.

One that embodies a new access agenda that reaches deeper into our communities to open new pathways into and through our colleges for our most vulnerable learners.

One that moves from a focus on whole college transformation to one of whole community transformation.

One that moves teaching and learning and faculty leadership, engagement and respect into the center from the margins to the center of our redesign efforts.

One that authentically centers equity—especially racial equity—in your institutional redesign work.

Achieving the Dream works with hundreds of community colleges to help develop a bolder vision for student success...for all students.

Become Part of the ATD Network

Achieving the Dream leads America’s largest network of community colleges working to become strong engines of student and community growth. ATD’s proven model helps colleges identify emerging needs and ways to improve practices across the full spectrum of capacities required for whole-college reform.

Colleges in the ATD Network transform at multiple levels using ATD’s successful coaching process that is constantly informed and improved by our work facilitating institutional change and leading research and development projects to address emerging areas of need. Leaders have a forum to discuss issues and challenges with their peers or to try new strategies, innovate, and improve. ATD’s staff and coaches serve as trusted advisors and facilitators to help build capacities that research shows makes a difference in student outcomes.

Contact us today to talk about how you can leverage the power of the ATD Network.

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