Resilience — the Intangible but Powerful Quality that Enables Some Individuals to Persevere in the Face of Obstacles

Achieving the Dream is proud to Spotlight a key component in the national community-college reform network to help more students succeed:  people.  Our people have risen to the challenge and focus on the way forward and the ‘big picture’.  Our people drive the organization forward, achieve results, have a vision for the future and deliver on that vision.

One such leading force is Montgomery County Community College.  Below highlights an op-ed piece written by MCCC's President.


During Montgomery County Community College’s convocation this year, President Karen A. Stout focused on resilience, the “intangible but powerful quality that enables some individuals to persevere in the face of obstacles while others are defeated.”

Dr. Stout highlights the 3 areas that MCCC’s new students will benefit from carefully developed programming on three major fronts, designed to support their own efforts at resilience:

  1. A mentor to show the way.
  2. An advising program that creates a community around the student.
  3. Instruction in financial literacy and realistic expectations.

To read more about how educators can make a difference for everyone by continually developing, testing and assessing new programs and interventions to help students attain their goals, click here.

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