Strengthening Pathways Leading to Middle-Skill Retail Careers

Four community colleges have been selected to receive a $120,000  grant to strengthen the college’s short term (6 months or less) middle skill retail career pathway and corresponding advising systems. The pathway prepares students to pursue middle-skill retail careers in the south Florida, Durham, Tallahassee and Douglas County regions.  Middle skill jobs require more than secondary school but less than a bachelor's degree.  The four recipient colleges of this grant are:

These colleges are part of the Achieving the Dream (ATD) Retail Pathways Initiative, funded by the Walmart Foundation. The initiative aims to support these participating colleges in developing strong partnerships with local retail employers so pathways graduates can successfully enter the job market.

By creating a short-term pathway in retail, these colleges will provide an opportunity for students to learn the immediate skills needed for local in-demand middle skill retail jobs.  Additionally, the retail credential could serve as a stepping-stone to an associate’s degree and other post-secondary credentials if the student chooses to pursue further studies.

The ATD initiative was created to address the need for clearly defined and readily accessible pathways to middle skill retail careers throughout the country.

To read more about the Retail Pathways Initiative, please click here.

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