Our Thoughts are with the Communities Engulfed by Florence

Letter from ATD President & CEO Dr. Karen A. Stout


September 18, 2018

Dear Colleague,

Achieving the Dream institutions in North and South Carolina and Virginia have shown their dedication to transformative change and greater student success for many years. Twenty current and former ATD colleges, including 15 Leader Colleges, have been working to strengthen their local and regional economies, rebuild the middle class, and guide their students to achieve their goals. They have served as leaders in their communities and models for other institutions of higher education. 

But now, the ATD colleges so committed to helping others need help themselves, especially in North Carolina as the entire state copes with massive flooding and tornadoes. Landslides are feared in the western part of the state. I understand that six colleges won’t be back in session for at least a week and possibly longer. Six others are closed now but are expected to re-open later this week.

South Carolina is also experiencing flooding, causing residents to evacuate. And Virginia, where Governor Ralph Northam issued mandatory evacuation orders for low-lying coastal areas, is expecting heavy rain today, increased risk of tornadoes, and flooding in the southwestern portion of the state.

If you are able, please consider providing support through a donation to the following agencies: state-managed North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund recommended by Governor Roy Cooper; state-managed OneSCFund directed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster; and Virginia’s Virginia Disaster Relief Fund.

ATD colleges are resilient, and we know their exceptional commitment to their students and their communities will help them find the strength to carry on despite the devastation they are experiencing. However, our help can ease their difficulties and lift their spirits.

Thank you in advance for joining ATD in doing as much as you can to help them.


Dr. Karen A. Stout

President and CEO


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