“Six-Word Stories” Capture the Essence of Holistic Student Supports


Teams from 50 colleges totaling more than 300 people convened this week in St. Louis for Achieving the Dream’s Holistic Student Supports Institute, an immersive experience that prepared colleges to redesign their student supports and adopt a holistic supports approach. The Institute was structured to help attendees develop a vision of holistic supports on their campuses, determine goals and action steps, and identify ways to engage college stakeholders in efforts to put holistic student supports in place. The holistic student supports approach aims to break down the barrier between academic and nonacademic supports to provide a seamless, high quality, and personalized experience that supports every student’s academic and basic needs to ensure that more students, particularly students of color and low-income students, can achieve their goals.

During an Institute plenary on communication and engagement, teams created “six-word stories” that summed up their plans and hopes for holistic student supports on their campuses.

  • Defending potential opens many doors
  • Serving with aloha, kuleana, and pono
  • Supported students; Better community; Thriving world
  • Retention, this time we mean it.
  • Challenge accepted: student success becomes personalized
  • involucrar mentes inspirar colaboración fomentar el éxito
  • We worked together and they succeeded!
  • May the supports be with you.
  • Find students’ purpose, make it everything.
  • Proceed with heart: Work in progress.
  • They would not let her fail
  • Needs: food, housing, tuition, books, transportation.
  • Supportive education opens minds and roads.
  • Right the vision, make it plan
  • wanted: student success, no question asked.
  • Changing student lives one by one.
  • More students succeed when we collaborate.
  • Investing, developing graduates and changing communities
  • Creados iguales, apoyados con equidad (para) exito
  • Student Success is our ultimate measure.
  • Improve student support with institutional engagement.
  • The relentless pursuit of service perfection.
  • She believed it, so it was.
  • Alone, scared. Inspired, encouraged. Hopeful, success.
  • Unlimited potential released as barriers removed.
  • Clear vision, everyone leading, students win.
  • We are transforming lives through learning.
  • Meaningful relationships lead to student success.
  • Used GPS, to travel to success.
  • Student Centered College; Putting Students First.

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