BLOG: Stone Child College Chooses Dream Catcher to Represent Vision and Action for Student Success

This Update was contributed by Stone Child College Dean of Student Services Helen Windy Boy.


Stone Child College’s (SCC) vision statement is “Making our Dreams Happen with Academic Excellence, Culture, and Commitment.” As SCC works toward this vision, the employees keep the students at the center of all that is done. SCC chose the dream catcher to represent the student success action plan because of the symbolisms it holds to Native people. For the Chippewa, the center hole represents the good dreams that come through. The webbing catches the bad dreams and the light of each day melts them away. The circle represents strength, unity, and the direction the sun travels across the sky.

A student’s ultimate goal when attending college is to graduate and that is the center of Stone Child College’s Student Success Vision. The various colors of the dream catcher’s webbing represent the six general education courses that SCC will focus on increasing the completion rates for in the next three years. These are core classes that all students must complete in order to graduate, regardless of their major. The outer circle represents the framework of building the data capacity to inform decision making. SCC believes this is a perfect visualization of the Student Success Vision, “With a commitment to the Chippewa Cree culture and language, our students will strive for academic excellence and make their dreams of graduation a reality.”

President Cory Sangrey-Billy, Dean of Student Services Helen Windy Boy and Institutional Research Analyst Jessie Jones envisioned this piece and would like to thank graphic artist Kaylene Big Knife for designing this beautiful representation of Stone Child College's Student Success Action Plan.

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