Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: ICAT Alignment to Accreditation

April 18, 2017

Webinar: 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Finding data to inform strategic planning, encourage broad based involvement, and show evidence of improvements in institutional quality are critical throughout the accreditation process. The “Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool: Alignment to Accreditation” demonstrates ways colleges can use the results of this assessment to inform decision making. On this webinar, we will hear from a former commissioner, the publication author, ATD coaches, and staff from two colleges that have taken the ICAT will demonstrate use of the tool and discuss the importance of documentation of the process and the implications relative to accreditation.


  • Terri M. Manning, ATD Data Coach, Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Research Services, CEO, Center for Applied Research, Central Piedmont Community College
  • John Nixon, ATD Leadership Coach, Former Commissioner and Project Lead for Rewriting ACCJC Standards
  • William Heineman, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Northern Essex Community College
  • Donna Kragt, Dean of Institutional Research and Planning, Grand Rapids Community College

Register here.

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