Data & Tech Insight Webinar Series: Set Your Data Free! Empowering Faculty with Course-Level Data to Drive Student Success

May 23, 2017

Webinar: 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Pierce College knew that providing institution-level data would not be enough. The college sought to provide faculty with direct access to their own data (and the data of their colleagues), with the ability to sort student achievement data by course, section, modality, timeframe, subsequent success, and a variety of demographic measures. To this end, Pierce's Center for Engagement and Learning began providing frequent training to help faculty members understand their data and how the data can be used to inform change. Facilitating program improvement can be challenging because of high expectations for positive student outcomes based on rigorous coursework. Yet Pierce College faculty can now use dashboards connected to real-time data to identify disconnects among content coverage, mastery, and success in subsequent classes. Learn how and why Pierce College changed its culture and is empowering faculty to use Tableau software to foster institution-wide dialogue about student success data.


  • Thomas Broxson, District Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pierce College
  • Matt Campbell, Vice President, Learning & Student Success, Pierce College
  • Erik Gimness, Director of Institutional Research, Pierce College
  • Carly Haddon, Data Solutions Developer/Analyst, Pierce College

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