“Faculty Needed” Securing and Supporting Faculty Engagement in Your OER Degree Program

November 29, 2017


Join Achieving the Dream on November 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM ET for "Faculty Needed" Securing and Supporting Faculty Engagement in Your OER Degree Program Webinar, the second in a webinar series for community colleges that focuses on successful approaches to implementing OER degree courses and programs. Faculty engagement and buy-in are central to the success of an OER Degree program. In order for impactful implementation to occur, both full-time and adjunct faculty must feel prepared to deliver OER courses. Some obstacles that OER champions on campus face are directly related to securing and retaining faculty support and commitment.

During this webinar, an Achieving the Dream OER Degree Initiative Grantee will discuss the success and challenges with engaging faculty on campus in OER development. The program lead at Pierce College will provide examples of how to secure faculty involvement and how to maintain relationships with faculty when time pressures and locating resources becomes an obstacle. To further the conversation, Jonathan Iuzzini, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at Achieving the Dream will discuss ways to engage adjunct faculty in OER work on campus.

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Quill West, Pierce College

Jon Iuzzinii, Achieving the Dream

Richard Sebastian, Achieving the Dream

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