2018 Holistic Student Supports Institute

October 8, 2018 - October 11, 2018

St. Louis, MO

This event has sold out!

How do we support every student in achieving their academic, career, and personal goals? What services are needed? How should they be delivered? How do we get students to use the services they need?

Join over 300 colleagues at ATD’s second annual Holistic Student Supports Institute to hear how they are ensuring each student gets what they need to succeed in achieving their goals. This intensive working institute is designed to support institutional teams of four or more in examining student movement through their institution and designing and executing a coherent strategy for designing a student support model that supports the whole student, based on ATD’s Holistic Student Supports Framework. Participants will work with expert facilitators to build or enhance their own redesign plans as they learn:

  • Key institutional practices and design principles for delivering holistic student supports.
  • Approaches and implementation strategies to holistic student supports redesign that have proved successful at other institutions.
  • How to integrate financial security supports into academic and career supports to help build students’ ability to stay on their chosen path.
  • How technology can be leveraged to support deep relationship building and increased efficiency.
  • Tools, processes, and resources they can apply to effectively execute on their plans and integrate this work with other student success initiatives, such as developmental education redesign and guided pathways.

Our inaugural institute in October 2017 sold out quickly. We encourage you to register early. Please be sure to register with your own email address (not solely an assistant’s email) to receive the institute pre-work and receive your facilitator assignments.

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