IN-NETWORK ONLY: Building Adaptive Capacity for Resiliency and Agility

June 1, 2020



Building Adaptive Capacity for Resiliency and Agility

Colleges that build strong adaptive capacity are resilient, agile, flexible and able to survive/thrive in times of crisis and uncertainty. Adaptive capacity is an institution’s ability to mobilize and combine key institutional strengths to implement functional and structural change to anticipate and respond to economic, environmental and social stressors.

In this webinar, you will learn
• how to assess which combination of capacities to mobilize to build adaptive capacity
• how to use the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool to determine strengths and opportunities for growth in key capacity areas
• what data/evidence to collect, analyze and leverage to inform decision-making and development of targeted, actionable outcomes
• how to guide a reflection discussion around lessons learned and use a framework for prioritizing strategic actions

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