Faculty & Staff Engagement

Fostering professional engagement strategies among academics and administration.

Deep engagement of faculty and staff in the institutional transformation process is necessary to close achievement gaps and drive student success. Achieving the Dream helps institutions  involve larger numbers of faculty and staff in the process of institutional transformation.

Achieving the Dream’s work guides both administrators and faculty through distinct processes and best practices that help prepare students for the current and future labor market needs. Sharpened thinking and lasting change occur when a broad range of college practitioners are engaged around examining student outcomes, co-designing the change process, mastering the skills required to implement new approaches, and refining these efforts over time.

Achieving the Dream Colleges bring faculty and staff together through a shared commitment to student-centered, evidence-based reforms and outstanding increases in student outcomes. Through thoughtful, evidence-based teaching and learning reforms and professional development training, coupled with well documented faculty and staff engagement strategies, millions of students have benefited. 

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