Financial Literacy

The most frequently reported reason for students dropping out of college is the lack of adequate financial support. Even students receiving financial aid often need help understanding how to accumulate assets, manage their resources, and plan for their financial future.

Achieving the Dream’s Network addresses the financial challenges of community college students by helping institutions of higher education refine and scale sustainable financial literacy strategies for their student body. We stimulate innovation and further the development and expansion of effective financial education that includes intensive one-on-one financial coaching aimed at improving the financial behavior of students; expansion of emergency scholarship funds to assist students facing short-term financial needs that are common barriers to graduation; creation of campus-wide awareness campaigns that address key financial issues facing students; formation of teams of community-based, financial literacy counselors; and the design of student-led financial capability programs as part of the standard college orientation process, among other targeted approaches.

Building financial literacy helps students confidently plan for—and accomplish—their educational goals today, and also yields a lifetime of smart financial decisions.

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