State Policy Reform

Galvanizing key champions around educational reform that drives student success.

Since our inception in 2004, state policy reform has remained an integral component of Achieving the Dream’s strategic focus. It is a powerful force that can help, or hinder, the efforts of community colleges seeking to close achievement gaps, increase student success and completion, and meet the nation’s economic needs.

In states where community college practitioners and state policymakers work together as partners—anchoring well-informed, mutually beneficial reform decisions around equity and excellence—promising advances in student success have been achieved.

Achieving the Dream’s Network provides the expert guidance and assessment tools that empower community college practitioners to address state policy reform. Serving as a centralized source of knowledge, Achieving the Dream also gathers and disseminate leading data and insights to guide policy agendas and discussions. With newfound knowledge and skills in hand, community college leaders gain the confidence to sit at the table as peers with policymakers, as well as advocate for real change. They learn the impact of contributing to the student reform discussion, and the pitfalls of ignoring it. And they join with Achieving the Dream partners to project a strong voice to a broad audience regarding the measurable impact of national community college reform.

With the support of Jobs for the Future, an Achieving the Dream Founding Partner helping to implement our state policy reform portfolio, we have galvanized a collective of state policy teams, key influencers, investors, and collegial organizations to help students realize their dreams.

Advancing policy reform is a powerful solution to student and institutional success.

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