Visionary Leadership

Embracing a commitment for improved student success, not just increased enrollment.
Planning for the next generation of leaders.

Thomas Edison once said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

At Achieving the Dream, we believe that in order to improve student success on a substantive scale, colleges must fundamentally change the way they create and execute their vision. A shared commitment to a bold new vision and authentic engagement of trustees, administration, faculty, and staff is essential.

Institutional transformation begins when the leadership of a college embraces a common vision for improved student success, not just increased enrollment. There is attention to achieving equity in student outcomes across racial, ethnic, and income groups and a willingness to make changes in policies, programs, and resource allocation to achieve equitable outcomes among all student populations.

Almost half of all students seeking undergraduate degrees in this county are in community college. And in the next five years, 40 percent of college presidents will retire. In partnership with The Aspen Institute, Achieving the Dream is helping to avert a potential leadership void by developing leadership curriculum modules that focus on strategies for addressing the changing demands on the presidency.

Working together with our National Reform Network of more than 200 community colleges, Achieving the Dream helps executives and administrators alike to succeed by providing the coaches, tools, and resources needed to increase the quality and the number of credentials earned while also reducing costs and serving an increasingly diversified student body. 

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