Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool & Capacity Café

Many efforts to improve student success at community colleges involve relatively small innovations or changes at the margins.  After more than a decade of experience, Achieving the Dream has learned that improving student success on a significant scale requires colleges to engage in bold, holistic institutional change.  That is why we developed the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT).


The ICAT is an online self-assessment that can help your college determine its current level of capacity in seven key dimensions, including Leadership & Vision; Data & Technology; Equity; Teaching & Learning; Engagement & Communication; Strategy & Planning; and, Policies & Practices. These are the essential capacities that must be in place for colleges to create a student-focused culture that promotes student success.  Mastering these capacities can help you to scale other interventions such as guided pathways or holistic student supports.

Our ICAT includes:

  • Access to the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool online.
  • ICAT results and survey response distribution.
  • A three-hour facilitated workshop to discuss your results with a cross-section of your college community.
  • A written summary of your facilitated session, which is also known as a Capacity Café.

Based on your ICAT results, ATD Leadership and Data Coaches will help you identify your college’s strengths and areas for improvement and generate ideas for change.


To learn more about how the ICAT can help your college achieve powerful results watch this video from Portland Community College. 




To schedule an ICAT & Capacity Cafe, please contact us at


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