Pre-College Math Reform

Pre-college math reform efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in the pathway leading to college level math (20 credits reduced to 15).  Additionally, modualization of each math level into 3- and 2-credit "chunks" allows students to take just what they need, and has substantially reduced the withdrawal rates for pre-college math.  Adoption of MyMathTest and MyMathLab has resulted in better diagnostics in placement, and significantly reduced textboot costs for students. Efforts to increase the availability of practice tests and other online math resources continue.  This spring, a math preparation booklet entitled "Preparing for College Math: A Roadmap for Success" is being distributed to high school students.

In fall 2015, Lower Columbia College will begin piloting pre-college math pathways that are program-specific (e.g., students going to statistics-based programs will take a different pathway than students going into STEM programs).

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