Basic Skills Redesign

This redesign started by creating Start2Finish model for basic skills students to provide seamless transition to college pathways--some of these processes are still being developed and refined. There is also a new, completely revamped instructional model that combines ABE and ESL populations, with an increased focus on pathways and transition.  Within the model, low-level instruction is hybrid and integrates substantial use of technology in a flipped classroom model. With an increased ability to combine face-to-face and online instruction and practice at convenient times and places, learning is greatly accelerated and is enabling students to enter college degree and certificate programs faster.  Additionally, the Pierce College Adult Diploma program has been developed, providing students with an alternate pathway to earn a high school credential.  Under this program, High School courses are not “remedial” or “developmental”. They are taught at a level that provides the opportunity for students to be at college ready levels.  Building off this principle of high expections, the Pierce College Adult Diploma program builds-in transition to college as part of the pathway. The student’s last quarter of the high school program is their first quarter of college.

ID 13959

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