Student Success Specialist Certificate For Faculty and Staff

Although we know that retention to completion is a national problem, and not limited to our college, we are committed to engaging all members of our faculty and staff in improving outcomes and closing achievement gaps at ATC. To ensure that our student success agenda is comprehensive and college wide, we are developing an instructional program to inform faculty and staff about our students' demographic profile, needs, personal challenges/obstacles to student success, and the importance of faculty and staff engagement in retaining and graduating students.  This instructional program is referred to as the Success Certificate and is being developed by a team of representatives from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  In FY 2015, the team agreed on an outline for the course, determined that it should be delivered over 6.5 hours in a hybrid format, and developed drafts of several of the modules.

See outline below:
Success Certificate Outline

Introduction: What is the Student Success Certificate?

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is expected?
  • How will it be completed?

Module 1:  What is the problem?

  • Need for education: By 2020, 60% of jobs will require post-high school education
  • Retention Rate: Many students are not returning
  • Graduation Rate: Many students are not graduating
  • Student voices
  • Additional Resources
  • Reflective Activity:  What do you think the problem is?

Module 2: What is student success?

  • Definitions of success
  • Additional Resources
  • Reflective Activity:  How do you define student success?
  • In-class Group Activity

Module 3: How can we help students succeed?

  • What does research say we can do
  • What do students say we can do
  • Additional Resources
  • Reflective Activity:   How can you help students succeed?

Module 4:  What are the implications for our students and community when students complete credentials?

  • How a better educated workforce improves the local economy
  • ATC Student Successes to Celebrate
  • Additional Resources
  • Reflective Activity:  How have you contributed to student success?  What can you celebrate?
  • In-class Group Activity
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