First-Year Student Success

EDPL (educational planning) 100 is designed to aid new students' first quarter transition to the college environment and first-to-second quarter persistence. The two-credit student success course focuses on building community and peer support in the classroom and developing foundational student success skills and knowledge through attending the Whatcom wave (new student orientation) and six weeks of additional coursework. Topics covered include student services, campus resources, student computing, time management, goal setting, note-taking, test taking strategies, library research, learning styles, communication, stress management, financial literacy, career identification, and educational planning. Course objectives include increasing engagement and commitment to the campus community, the college, and one's academic goals; awareness of campus resources and systems; foundational student success and study skills; and first-to-second quarter persistence. EDPL 100 was piloted in 2010. It is offered fall through spring quarters and has undergone continuous assessment and revisions since its inception. This intervention strategy is incrementally expanded each fall. A comprehensive faculty training is offered annually and weekly faculty meetings provide continued training and support.

In addition to EDPL 100, the Whatcom wave (face-to-face) student orientation is being scaled up and made mandatory for full-time first time in college students; a virtual new student orientation is under development to expand access; and policies and procedures related to first-year students are being comprehensively reviewed and revised, as needed. To date, the academic progress policy and AAS transfer degree have been updated.

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