Fast -Track Courses in Developmental Math and English

The DACC Math and Physical Sciences Department and the English and Communication Department offer rigorous one - week review courses before the beginning of each fall semester. The math Fast - Track Workshop is successful in moving students into Beginning Algebra CCDM 114N, by - passing Pre - Algebra CCDM 103N. The writing Fast - Track Workshop is successful in moving students into General Composition CCDE 110N, by - passing Effective Communication Skills CCDE 105N. In other words, the Fast - Track Workshops allow students who are placed into the lowest developmental math or writing class to begin at the next level. Students who pass the exam/exit can register for CCDM 114 or CCDE 110. This intervention minimizes the time that a student spends in developmental math or English.

In Fall 2013 the English Program piloted another version of the fast - track workshop to help fast - track self - selected students enrolled in CCDE 105: Effective Communication Skills to bypass CCDE 110: General Composition. Students who performed well on a mid - term common writing assignment were given the opportunity to attend three workshops in the ARC covering key concepts taught in CCDE 110, write the Common Exit Essay for CCDE 110, and prepare a portfolio. Of the 21 students who were identified, 16 self - selected to participate. Of the 16 students, 14 students were fast - tracked into ENGL 111. They were advised into ENGL 111 Spring 2014. Because of the success of this pilot project, full and part - time faculty 75 members will participate in Spring 2 014 with the intent of moving students who are ready from CCDE 105 directly into ENGL 111.

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