College Readiness: Developmental English

The Developmental English Team began implementation of interventions during the 2012/2013 academic year with the intent to:

Improve the accuracy of placement (See Accurate Placements Intervention)
Promote completion
Increase retention
Support students' progression through the Developmental English sequence
Provide opportunities for acceleration
Improve student success in developmental reading and writing


1. New Developmental English courses:

The reading and writing curriculum was redesigned in Fall 2012.  Each reading and writing course, previously 3-4 credits each, was replaced by a combined skills 7-credit course. The integrated courses also provide an accelerated pathway for students. Faculty were trained in new instructional methods to promote critical thinking and active learning. Data currently shows that the passing rate for the combined skills courses, which are more rigorous than the single-subject courses, have remained essentially on par. The DE-010 (lower level developmental English course) had a Fall 2013 passing rate of 61%. The DE 020 (higher level developmental English course) had a Fall 2013 passing rate of 70%. With increased academic support, we anticipate increasing pass rates for both courses.

2. Accelerated Learning Program

Accelerated Learning Course:
Pair DE 025 (Advanced Studies in Academic English) with EN 101, Composition I. 

Developmental English students enroll in Composition I (EN 101) with the concurrent support of a developmental English course (DE 025). Since, Fall 2012 students placed into the higher level developmental English have been allowed to electively enroll in DE 025/EN 101. Each semester, additional sections are offered and students' success rates are consistently high.

Fall 2012 – Fall 2014:        352 students participated/267 passed to EN 102 (81.8%*) *excludes withdrawals

Performance of former DE 025 Students in EN102:

Spring 2013-Fall 2014:          205 former DE025 students took EN 102/150 successfully completed EN 102 (80.9%*)  *excludes withdrawals

Developmental English Intensive Workshops: DE-INT

In Spring 2012, we began offering the Developmental English Intensive 10-Day workshops for motivated students to accelerate their progress through the Developmental English sequence. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for students to skip a level of DE or to accelerate straight to college-level English.

DE-INT (2012): 121 students participated/96 exited to EN 101 (79%)

DE-INT (2013): 171 students participated/102 exited to EN 101 (60%)

DE-INT (2014): 64 students participated/37 exited to EN 101 (58%)

Overall, the DE-INT workshops are successfully accelerating students' progress through the developmental sequence. Since inception, 356 students have participated and 235 (66%) have been able to exit into college-level English. Several other students were able to move up one level in the Developmental English sequence.

3. Redesigned Academic Support

To support students' efforts in the redesigned 7-credit Developmental English courses, a new model of academic support for developmental learners is being developed. This initiative was originally designed to provide pathways for students who scored very low on the College placement exam. Data suggests that enhanced, targeted academic support would support not only low-scoring students, but all developmental learners. Because the combined-skill courses are more rigorous, this enhanced academic support is essential to increased passing rates for students. Partial implementation began in Fall 2014, and a full renovation and implementation will occur in Fall 2015.

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