Integrated Services Plan: Financial Aid Component

The goal of the Intergrated Services Plan is to streamline and consolidate enrollment services, ultimately in a one-stop location. One major component of this effort seeks to maximize the number of eligible students who actually receive financial aid. To do this, we have taken the following steps:

  • Enrollment Services launched the College Contact Center, staffed with cross-trained individuals who answer basic questions regarding admission, financial aid, registration and payment. 
  • A Director of Customer Service was hired to help plan and implement the Contact Center and move the College toward becoming a larger customer service organization.  To support this effort, each of the four areas developed documented procedures that were posted on a wiki, readily accessible and easily updated. 
  • Training sessions were provided to the front-line staff and their managers, with emphasis on quality customer service and use of the tools created to support self-service and accurate information dissemination.
  • We created an extensive front-end phone menu to provide basic information pertinent to students and to minimize their need to ask a live person routine questions, thus freeing up staff to handle the more needy students and complex issues.
  • Concurrently, the entire Admissions & Enrollment Services staff began financial aid training, similar to that provided to Contact Center associates.
  • Admissions staff members now begin raising financial aid issues during their initial conversations with students, much earlier in the process than before. This makes it more likely that newly admitted students will submit their financial aid applications on time.
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