IRead...IClick...I'm Ready - Enhancing Reading Comprehension and Digital Literacy

Many students report they would like to enhance their reading skills and learn more about technology. However, not all students deficient in these areas fully appreciate the importance of these skills as they relate to their education and to their professional future. To complement instruction in reading and use of technology, Georgia Piedmont Technical College identified five courses across disciplines to implement a two-pronged online learning system that (a) provides supplemental reading assignments related to the course the student is taking, and (b) delivers experience navigating technological tasks. Both areas use a pre-test to to create a learning path. To ensure broad participation, students enrolled in English gateway and selected program gateway courses are required to participate in the intervention. Post-tests in both areas are administered late in the semester. Courses include Financial Accounting I, Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences, CAD Fundamentals, Composition and Rhetoric and Learning Support Reading.

ID 14207

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