New Student Orientation (NSO) Triton Jumpstart

Revised intake and assessment processes engage new students immediately by creating opportunities to connect with college personnel and envision themselves as college students. Mandatory Orientation and Advising interventions increase a student's sense of connection, efficacy, and resilience, which in turn will increase persistence and completion rates. As a result of our Mandatory Orientation and Advising Intervention pilots, new students are now being offered two structured, interactive, and engaging experiences prior to attending classes. In the past six months, New Student Group Advising sessions have been offered to all new students so they can participate in advising and register for classes within an hour of completing a placement test. 

In addition, our groundbreaking Triton Jumpstart New Student Orientation is now offered prior to each academic quarter, allowing new students to meet other students, learn about college resources, identify their strengths and interests, and connect their strengths and interests with academic and professional goals. Our completely re-designed Triton Jumpstart New Student Orientation was collaboratively developed by a broad-based New Student Orientation Strategy Team, comprised of over fifty staff and faculty members, many of whom specialize in serving new and/or at-risk students. This four-hour orientation, facilitated by our FT and PT faculty members, offers students opportunities to learn about themselves and about each other through a strengths-based, participatory curriculum. New students now experience the college in an interactive, supportive way before their first day of classes, and an increased sense of connection has been shown to be a key factor in a student's ability to persist and succeed.


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