Pilot the infusion of I-BEST principles into selected high enrollment/low completion "gatekeeper" courses

Continuing in the 2015 – 2016 academic year, we will offer sections of high-enrollment, low-completion of BIOL& 160 with the incorporation of I-BEST principles. In the fall of 2015 students in an identified section of BIOL& 160 will also be enrolled in a College Experience study skills course designed to increase the success. Data from earlier offerings will be added to success data from this section to identify whether increases in completion and grades of C or better are impacted.

Professional Development for the CE 110 instructors across all campuses will be offered during summer of 2015.

ID 14262

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #14262, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

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