GO Days

GO Days will be an event for incoming students with orientation activities. This event will include workshops, tours, and other orientation activities to provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of the expectations of college students. Students will get some kind of credit for this event.

2013-2014 Update:

Second Year – In the second year in AtD, we ran our first pilot. 650 students attended at least one of the two days. Students attended breakout sessions, met professors, and took tours of the campus. We gathered feedback from the students based on that experience and tracked the students’ progress in the next year. When we examined our data, we found that students who had attended GO Days had higher enrollment and persistence rates, enrolled in more units, and had a higher GPA than students who did not attend GO Days.

We advertised the success of GO Days far and wide. We made announcements at meetings, sent out a newsletter, and made presentations at the Student Success Committee. We encouraged faculty, staff, and students to participate in what was shaping up to be a wonderful event. Then, the GO Days Coordinator put a team together to make data-driven revisions to the second year. This time, the event had more “buzz," and we had more data to use to make revisions. We once again used Basic Skills Initiative funds to purchase scanners and additional supplies. Changes that were made included the following:

All new students received an invitation in the mail and via email.
We purchased scanners and software for better data collection.
We eliminated some of the breakouts and included others (including one workshop on education planning) based on student use from the previous year.
We added a handout with descriptions of each workshop.

Third Year – Our third year was even more promising. We had 900 students check in for one of the two days. Once the spring semester is over, we will collect data to see how students did in terms of enrollment, persistence, and grade point average, but we suspect that, once again, these students will have performed better than students who did not attend GO Days. Again, we looked at the feedback, advertised our successes, and made several changes to the program for this year.

2014-2015 -

We once again had nearly 1,000 students attend GO Days. We are now assessing whether or not they completed the first year in greater rates as last year's participants while we gear up to go into our fifth year.

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