Shared-Educational Planner/Counselor Program

<p>San Jacinto college has signed agreements with 16 high schools representing 7 independent school districts (ISDs) to place a college educational planner or counselor in each of these high schools. Three shared personnel are funded through the Gulf Coast Partners in Achieving Student Success (GC PASS) grant. The role of the shared personnel is to provide career testing, Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) testing, advising, recruiting, and ecucational/academic planning. Assistance is provided with college enrollment processes, includcing financial aid. Shared personnel participate with the College Transition Team (CTT) to collaborate monthly with ISD middle school and high school partners to ensure vertical alignment. Information on academic, workforce, and technical programs is presented at each meeting so the the information can be accurately relatyed to the ISD students. Shared personnel have been trained as TSIA test administrators to facilitate testing on the high school campuses.</p>

ID 14283

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