Culture and Equity Committee

~~C&E Team (18 faculty and staff) addresses the work of improving the success of students who are first generation, low income, Hispanic and others of diverse backgrounds.  We are at a stage in our growth as a College that demographic fluctuations have made NECC a unique place:  an officially designated Hispanic serving institution in Lawrence (with Haverhill also growing in this direction).  Our goal is to expand opportunities for ALL students, faculty and staff with respect to diversity and inclusion.
The Culture & Equity team has focused on initiatives that will contribute to the academic success of underserved students. Our goal has been to establish a set of practices that will enable students (first generation, low income, underrepresented) of diverse backgrounds to thrive in the academic community. The team has based its recommendations on NECC research, the research of Dr. Jorge Santiago and research articles citing practices that enable students to succeed. Our recommendations represent an approach that advocates fuller participation within the institution to bridge the academic gaps and lack of engagement that are experienced by many of our students.
Thus far, the committee has established professional development workshops with the local organization Bread Loaf which focuses on “culturally-sustaining" and “culturally-relevant" pedagogies. Breadloaf workshops have now been run two years in a row. Another C&E goal is to work with Human Resources on strategies that would lead towards diversifying the faculty and staff, which has resulted in creating a networking event that resulted in the hiring of three more minority faculty. Along with these initiatives, we are also dedicated to making changes to directly engage the student-body and decided that “mural art" will be a tremendous opportunity to reflect the students and community that NECC serves. This has a been an effective practice in many urban environments such Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, NYC and many other cities.      

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