TechLearners is a cohort of students enrolled in developmental reading, writing, pre-algebra, and First-Year Seminar.  Students are loaned a device and the material are available electronically.  Instructors incorporate technology in the classroom.  In the first phase of the pilot, students used iPads.  None of the 20 students withdrew and none failed all four courses.  Success rates ranged from 75% for FYS to 95% for Math. In the next phase, we increased to two sections, wtih 34 students total, and used tablet computers. TechLearners outperformed new students in overall success by course and outperformed a comparison group of students who were in the same combination of courses. The persistence rate to Winter 2015 is 89%, compared to the rate of 77% for new students in developmental courses.  

All new DE students pass rates: 

ENG 085 (Reading) - 73%

ENG 090 (Writing) - 70%

FYS 131 (First Year Seminar) - 79%

MAT 020 (Pre-algebra) - 41%

Comparison Group of DE students in enrolled in same combination of courses: 

ENG 085 (Reading) - 66%

ENG 090 (Writing) - 61%

FYS 131 (First Year Seminar) - 759%

MAT 020 (Pre-algebra) - 28%

TechLearner Cohort: 

ENG 085 (Reading) - 79%

ENG 090 (Writing) - 74%

FYS 131 (First Year Seminar) - 82%

MAT 020 (Pre-algebra) - 74%

ID 14447

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