Accelerated Math Sequence

This intervention in previous years was known as Math Express (Math Cubed); a program through the math division in which they teach the first three developmental math classes (MTH 092, 096, and 097) as a learning community all in one semester—proceeding from one to the next and not having to do as much repeat of content, allowing students to progress faster through the sequence.  However, they found that students do not enroll in this condensed version and so an alternative accelerated path has been created.

An accelerated developmental class that contains either MTH 092 and 096 or MTH 096 and 097 (based on the placement level of the student) has been shown to be a more effective intervention based on the high level of students enrolling in these sections.  The division is now offering more of the developmental math pairings as a way to get students through their developmental sequence.  In MTH 092/096 pairing students have the benefit of having Student Learning Assistants (SLAs) who are embedded student tutors.


ID 14573

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