Learning Communities

Bunker Hill Community College’s Learning Community model implements learner-centered, holistic teaching approaches that help students achieve academic, career and personal goals. Small class size, engaging academic content, a focus on active learning, and integrated supports deliver a rich and relevant learning experience with high impact. An external study conducted in 2013 by DVP-PRAXIS LTD and OMG Center for Collaborative Learning found that the College’s Learning Communities have statistically significant positive impacts on students’ academic progress. Students enrolled in Learning Community Seminars and Clusters were more likely than a propensity matched comparison group to complete developmental coursework, persist in their studies, and earn more credits toward degree completion. With support from Achieving the Dream’s Catalyst Fund and the Vision Project, the College has grown the Learning Community Program by 77 percent since 2011. In 2014-2015, more than 5,500 BHCC students are benefiting from a learning community experience.

Students enrolling in nine or more credits take a learning community in their first year. The College offers two options: The three-credit Learning Community Seminar for First-year Students and Learning Community Clusters that link two or more courses across disciplines.

From American hip hop to sustainable agriculture, Learning Community Seminars enable students explore a social issue or ‘big idea’ with students who share their interests. Each Seminar is supported by a Success Coach Advisor, who collaborates with Seminar faculty on career and educational planning and delivers “just-in-time" interventions that help students to become resilient problem solvers. ACE Student Mentors embedded in the Seminars help new students adjust to the College’s academic and social environment and serve as model learners, peer teachers and study group facilitators to foster students’ academic achievement, cultural competency, and engagement. Students who take a Learning Community Seminar are more likely to complete college Algebra and English within two years.

Learning Community Clusters enroll a cohort of students two or more courses across disciplines. From environmental politics to exploring the immigrant experience, faculty members plan their courses together around real world issues that resonate with students’ lived experiences. Clusters provide a primary vehicle for accelerating student progress to degree completion by compressing developmental coursework into one semester and linking developmental or ESL courses with college level courses in a co-requisite model. Students enrolled in Accelerated Learning Community Clusters successfully complete their coursework at higher rates than students who take stand-alone versions of the courses in subsequent semesters.

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