Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

2015 Update:

The Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy is a faculty professional development and personal growth opportunity designed to challenge participants to critically reflect on self, explore education socio-historical-politically, and develop a philosophy and approach to improve the success of students of color and other at-risk, underrepresented students.  Funded initially with a grant from the St. Paul Foundation, the first cohort began in 2014 and consisted of 42 faculty. Participants began their year long journey with a 2 day workshop facilitated by an outside consultant funded by the grant.  The cohort then met monthly for curriculum discussions with the consultant.  The 22 faculty who finished the Institute presented at fall 2015 opening days to over 300 faculty.  Results of the first cohort as determined by the consultant, determined 1/3 of the group made substantive change, 1/3 gained awareness of the issues and altered some pedagogical content to be culturally inclusive, and 1/3 exhibited little or no change.  We were very pleased with this change, as were our administrators and funders. Our 2nd cohort was also funded by the St. Paul Foundation.  This group began in fall 2015 with 9 faculty and 2 student service staff (we were excited to include staff this time).  This cohort will present at Fall 16 Opening Days.  To institutionalize this initiative, Century’s Chief Diversity Officer and our consultant chose 7 faculty from these two cohorts to become trainers for our campus.  They will enter into a train the trainer program in fall 2016.


The Institute for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (ICRP) is a year-long, faculty-focused professional development opportunity. Our long term goal is to impact the student academic achievement/opportunity gap we are experiencing between students of color (particularly African-American and Latino students) and European-American students. Our path to realizing this is goal is to actively engage faculty in on-going learning/exploration that includes: formal training, monthly meetings, assigned readings, video clips, journaling, and peer support. Participating faculty will share their learning and transformation at our annual Opening Days—a yearly professional development opportunity for faculty. Ultimately, our goal is to incorporate ICRP into existing faculty development offerings where all new faculty will participate in this training experience.
The Institute purpose is:
1) To offer faculty the opportunity to critically reflect on self by exploring questions like: What attitudes, biases, & behaviors do I hold about intelligence, learning, and the students I teach? How do I “show up" in the classroom?
2) To explore the socio-historical-political factors that have shaped US education and the ways different racial/ethnic groups experience education.
3) To explore what culturally responsive pedagogy means.
4) To modify existing syllabi, courses, and/or new course development.


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