Self-Paced Accelerated Math Strategy

For this strategy, faculty redesigned the pre-college level math curriculum into a modularized format, with each module containing a core math concept necessary for success in college level math courses. The modularized curriculum enables students to focus their time on the modules where they need the most attention, given their course of study and their level of prior math knowledge.  This allows them to proceed through the pre-college math sequence at an accelerated pace. Additionally, by assuring competency in each of the core math concepts students are better prepared for college level math courses.

Each of the pilot classes is staffed by an instructor and a skilled math tutor. The curriculum is computer-enhanced and students have access to online tutorials to supplement classroom instruction.  They complete their homework and assessments via the computer also. At the start of the quarter, students complete a comprehensive assessment to determine which modules they need to complete. Each module has both a pre- and post-test to help focus students on the areas where they need additional work and to determine mastery of the subject. Math instructors provide lectures and one-on-one support as needed; skilled tutors are available to provide additional help.

2014-15 Update:

Forty percent of pre-college math students participated in this intervention, which is approximately five percent of college enrollment.  The completion rate for pre-college math was 74 percent for 2013-2014 and 80 percent for 2014-2015.  We increased the completion rate by six percent over the two years, which was short of our goal but a positive gain overall. 

A big part of the success of 2014-2015 was the addition of Math 088. This class allowed students to meet the requirements for a non-transferable college-level math class without having to complete the three modules in Math 091 that are only needed for students planning to take precalculus.  Our Curriculum Committee approved Math 088 which is now available to students enrolled in self-paced math classes. This is an incentive to take the self-paced classes. The number of self-paced classes has increased this year; we plan to keep adding more sections, as needed. We will also continue to provide training for instructors teaching self-paced classes and continue the marketing campaign to help students understand the role these classes can play in their education plan.

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