Accelerated Learning Program

Since fall 2013 ECC has offered an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) enabling students who place into developmental English the opportunity to enroll in developmental and college-level English concurrently; thus, allowing students to complete both courses in one semester.  The ALP program has proven quite successful, as results from spring 2015 show that students earn grades of C or higher in ALP developmental courses more often than regular developmental courses (83% v. 66%) and in ALP college-level courses as regular college-level courses (70% v. 63%).  The success of students in the ALP reaches into ENG-102 as 82% of ALP ENG-098 students successfully complete ENG-102 with a grade of C or better as compared to 76% of reading-ready counterparts completing regular ENG-098.

In the fall 2016, ECC will pilot co-enrollment in the ALP with RDG-091 to expand access to more students.   Twenty-five sections of ALP is being recommended to run in the fall 2016 while continuing to offer some stand-alone ENG-098 sections.  ECC is also looking to recruit new faculty for fall 2016 and have begun to share ALP data with the department

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