Cultural Competence in Hiring

The hiring of culturally competent employees is critical to ECCs ability to serve a diverse student body.  The 4 hour workshop instructs all employees in a methodology that ensures that the hiring process identifies culturally competent candidates in the search process.  The workshop uses a methodology developed by Cris Cullinan and based on the three domains of learning, cognitive, affective, and skill building as applied to the interview process.  Participants will be able to evaluate an appropriate level of cultural competence for each position and craft questions that accurately identify candidates who have that skill set.  The target audience for the workshop is all college employees who participate on hiring committee.

The workshop series began in Fall 2015 with repeat engagements occurring quarterly. Currently 150 ECC employees have taken part with the whole target population of 700.  Future plans include making the workshop a requirement for service on a search committee.

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